For my film I had to make quite a few sets including a tube train and tube stations. Between time constraints, facilites, equipment and ....MONEY I had to figure out the best way to achieve nice working sets that were easy and quick to make but also suited the style of the film also.

For the tube train itself I decided to make and exterior and interior seperatley so it would be easier to film.
I made the exterior out of foam board cutting out windows and doors with a scalpel.

I painted the doors  and bottom of tube

I  made the doors so that they could open and close using a sliding system so as they were animatable 

To finish I added details like the tube logos and other signs

The interior was made simply also using foam board

The seat was made from wood covered in thin foam and then material

Final details were added using posters and signs and also I green screened the windows in order to add moving background in after effects

I needed a front view of tube for one shot it was made with foam board also

I added details such as bars and lights

To make it seem like the tube had interior I added a curved back to give dimension where I stuck an interior picture

The final look

For the tube stations I made tiled walls. To do this I masking taped some foam board added some filler I bought from a DIY store on top

Once dry I sanded it down to get it flat and smooth and then drew on the tiles as I wanted them to look

I then sanded the lines to give it the look of real tiles

Once sanded I painted the tiles to the right colour

Final set

Other props for the set were the ticket machines
I cut basic shape from hard foam

I marked out the machines and sanded out the detail

I added a space to allow the gates to open

Also needed were pillars which I made to look like the walls I made using same method

Here Is the final set they were used in

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