Painting The Heads

The next stage of the head making process is to paint them.
I first sprayed all the heads with a base coat of white primer  

The primer brings out imperfections in the face such as where the sculpey meets the fast cast 

I used a fine wet and dry sand paper to sand all these areas and make them smooth

I re-sprayed and re-sanded the heads 3 or 4 times using higher grade sandpaper to get them looking nice before adding the final skin colour.

I covered the eyes in plasticine to keep them white and then sprayed the heads in a flesh colour 

removing plasticine after drying exposed the white eye

I also added plasticine around hairline to make it easier to paint the hair

Here are the final painted heads

The mouths were done in the same was as head using white primer and sanding before adding flesh tone

Finally to add tone and more realism to the heads I brushed chalk pastels onto cheeks ears and around eyes. It is very subtle but makes a big difference.
This is not a great picture but left is with pastels right is without.

I also made eyebrows from sculpey and the pupils are dots of dried latex which I can move around the eye.

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  1. Awesome work dude! Everything is looking great!