Time for 2D

So I wanted to try something a little different for my film by adding 2d characters into a 3d world. I decided to do this for many reasons such as to give my film a stylistic look, to make my main character stand out to keep down build and cost and to do something new and fun and interesting for myself.

My plan was to animated the characters in 2d, print the frames out and then re-animated them in the stop motion set.
I initially began this project with the intent to animate all the 2d characters myself..........Initially ha ha ha

As part of our course we have a section of marking for collaborations. I decided to ask my friend and classmate Jason Petherick to help with the 2d side as I like his cartoony style and felt it would fit my film well, also it gave us both the opportunity to collaborate and have something different for our showreels.

I designed the characters and put an animatic together to show Jason what I needed animated and he done a great job of it all so big thanks to him.

Once everything was animated in 2d I printed all the frames out on paper 

I then glued all the paper to card to make it stronger so it was easier to re animate on my set

Then came the cutting....................

....................Lots of cutting!!!!!!!!

What I was left with were sections like this which were numbered and laid out for animating

Here is the punch sequence including some nice smear drawings

Lots and Lots and Lots of characters and Frames!!!!!

Here are some of the frames being used in a shot

Here is a link to Jasons Blog for those of you who wish to check out his work

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