Making fast cast head

To make the final heads I decided to used fast cast resin. Its comes in two parts and its mixed 50:50 part A and B

The fast cast begins to cure very quickly so you have to work fast. Once the two parts were mixed I poured it into my mold where I had placed the beads for the eyes inside which I covered in vaseline so as they could be moved around the head once cured........or so I thought

one removed the head looked good but the eyes were fixed in place

I re-done the head and added more vaseline then previously to beads but ended up with the same result  

So to fix my problem and waste no more fast cast I decided to just cast head without beads so eyes were already fixed to head and just added moveable pupils instead of whole eye moving which will create the same effect in the end. The next step is to make the replacement mouths and the blinks

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