Casting the Head

Ive decided to make my final head for my puppet from fast cast. Fast cast is a two part polyurethane resin which is light, very strong and takes only 30 minutes to cure. To do this I first had to make a cast of my original head sculpt. I first cut out the mouth section as I will be making replacment mouths for the character. I then baked the sculpey head so it became solid.

I cut out a wooden base for the mold base

I added a metal tube to the back of the head which will be used as a pour hole for fast cast after mold is ready

I then added walls around the head

The silicone needed to be weighed out with a 5% catalyst added to make it cure

Once mixed together I added the silicone to my head sculpt. I poured it in from one corner in one fluid stream to help decrease the chances of air bubbles forming and ruining the mold

Once set i removen walls

Here is the pour hole in the back of mould

I finally cut down the back of the mold in a zig zag to help mold join back together better and removed the original sculpt the next step will be to add fast cast and begin to cast my heads

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