Ultimate Image

As part of our business module at Uni we had to create an ultimate image to represent ourselves and our work. The image had to be an A4 image with no text the where the image should be enough.

In some of the examples we were shown of previous years students, some people had created posters for their Final Film. I decided I would first start out by trying this myself.

I looked up examples of other stop motion posters to start

Because my puppet and set builds were not finished I just drew up examples of what poster may look like but the final design would contain the actual character puppets and sets

I decided that I wanted to make my ultimate image more personal then just a movie poster so I played around with other ideas and made some quick initial tests.

I like to do stuff different each time I create some work to keep things interesting for myself and to show that i can do more then one style.
So i looked up examples of style I wanted to try . All colour and no black outline

I decided to base my idea around a timeline of my life

Here is my final Ultimate Image picture. It represents me as a person, how my love for art and animation began, what Ive done to get to where I am today and shows what I hope to achieve in the future

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