Lip sync Project

For our first project of the year in university we were asked to take a sound clip and animate a lip sync. We had to make a simple blob puppet with sausage style mouths and animate lip sync only portraying the emotion of the character through facial expression.

I made my puppet from green plasticine

I began by breaking plasticine apart into smaller easy to manage pieces

I then combined these pieces to form the main body for the puppet

I then added two beads for eyes

From there I sculpted the brow to add more expression when animating

I tried a variety of different colours for the mouth. Some colours such as green didn't stand out enough while others were too overpowering. I finally decided on pink as it was clear to see and complemented the colour of the puppet.

Once I decided on the colour of the mouths I went ahead and made all the mouths I needed for the lip sync. I first broke down the voice clip. I then drew out all the mouths I felt I needed and in premiere I synced it with the sound to see if the mouths worked. Once I was happy with how it looked I made the mouths from plasticine.

Finally I cleaned up my puppet and added pupils to the eyes. I also twisted some thick wire and glued it to a wooden base, I then pushed this into the bottom of the puppet to stop it moving as much while I animated .

Here is the Video of my Final Animated Lip Sync

If this isnt working properly or is not clear here is a link to a version on my youtube account

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  1. Hahahaha i love this!
    I'm very new to stop motion but love it deeply, i still don't understand the whole lip sync thing, but i hope to learn about it one day soon- congrats, this is so great : )