Off The Rails Final Film!

Ok Guys so here it is, the link to my Film Off The Rails all finished! I am quite happy with the result and have learned a lot while making it. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hey Stephen!! This is absolutely awesome matey!! Big well done!

    As for the digi paints onsculpts which you asked about on my blog, I have just learned how too do it myself from years of using photoshop and what not. The way I do it is: Open the image you want to paint in photoshop.
    Add a new layer over the top and set that layers blending mode to colour. You will find that not all colours will paint over properly so you have to adjust the colours darkness or lightness which sometimes helps. Then there are some colours which actually will not paint over at all, for those I just add a new layer and paint over it normally then I play about with the layers blending modes until I get the right effect.

    Anyway, I hope that helps in someway

    Take it easy dude, awesome work again!

  2. Thank you for the comment, I really liked your character and thanks for letting me know this il try give it a go myself in the future

  3. really cool! I love the expressions your getting with your puppet.

  4. great stuff man! enjoyed that.