Here are a few of the behind the scenes shots of the filming process

This is a shot which I have now cut from the film but it was of Ted running to catch his tube

As you can see I didnt have a hugh space to work in but it was fine for what I had to do and for all that needed to be seen on screen.

I had to use rigs for a few shots at the start of the film where Ted is running, jumping and falling over. I will talk about how I removed the rigs in one of my next posts

I used the program stop motion pro 7 and a canon 450D camera to make my film 

This is a shot involving both Ted and also the 2D characters where Ted gets trampled.  I am very happy with how this look turned out in the end and with the other shots involving the 2D characters

As you can see I used a lot of flat set pieces to save on space and build time which dont look like much in photos like this but do look a lot better on camera when framed and lit right. 

Here is the Final look of this shot


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