Time To Suit Up!!!

So my main character needed a suit which means I had to figure out how to make one. Considering I haven't made many clothes before let alone a suit it wasn't an easy challenge.
To begin I first measured my puppet to get correct sizes. I then drew patterns for the clothes on paper an traced these onto an old material to make practice clothes before using the suit material. I done this to make sure the clothes fit and if not they could be adjusted at this stage before wasting suit material itself.

paper patter

material pattern

sewing seam line on inside then turn it right way out  

Once I was happy with the practice clothes I moved onto the real thing

all the jacket panels sewn together

Jacket on puppets body

The next section and part which I found most challenging was adding the collar and the lapels for the jacket.

I pinned a layer of fabric around the inside collar of the jacket with enough material spare to allow it to fold over to make a collar

I then shaped and cut the top lapels for the jacket and used contact adhesive to prevent fraying

I added the sleeves to the jacket using contact adhesive to stick it in place before sewing it in for strength.

To make the lapels stay stiff to the jacket I sprayed them with hair spray and then ironed them.

For the shirt I just made the body and collar section as it is the only seen part under the suit jacket

I used contact adhesive to attach collar to body

Final shirt

all that is left to do is make a tie out of blue ribbon and add details such as pockets

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