Head Build Idea

For my main character I would like him to look as nice as I can for my final film. I have done many styles of lip sync, mouths and heads for different projects such as paper, sausage and plasticine replacement. Although some of these are easier to achieve and make I would like to try a more professional replacement mouth and brow. This is an idea I have seen in films such as coraline and previous students on my course use. This is just an idea for now I may decided to use a slightly different technique  when it comes to the actually build but for mow this is the sort of thing I am thinking

I will have 5 different brow shapes as shown below

I will then have replacement mouths also

Combined I can achieve all the expressions I need for my film

Head set up

I will be sculpting the head soon and will explain in more detail then of how I make it and the materials I will use

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